Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rachel's Mail

Stopped at the post office today to check Rachel's PO Box...  Des came running out very excited with a package in her hands...  "The key they put in our box to open the package box was number 43!" she said...  And there was a beautiful package from April...  I looked and smiled when I saw Canada on the return address.  Rachel is loved across the world.  It's crazy.  Thanks April ♥ 

Yesterday Rachel got a beautiful card from Lisa too.... and today a message from a friend Sarah, who saw the rainbow I knew must have been 'somewhere'.  I cried at all of these gifts.  To see her name, to read words written from another's heart to her, to know I'm not the only one who thinks about her throughout the course of my day - and they bless me by letting me in on it.  They could just think of her, dismiss it or only be concerned with how it feels for them and just keep going, but they remember me in those moments and take time to tell me....I am so thankful....and very emotional....

I just miss her.  Thank you for loving her with me and loving me along the way.

I need it.

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