Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Changes That Include You

A couple of weeks back I had tried to switch my blog to the old one, but ran out of time and never went back.  Last night I heard there were problems with my other one so I went for it.  It's far from what I would like it to look like - Dear my perfectionism, you will have to get over it. - but a strange thing happened to me as I set it up....

This is the layout I used when I first started blogging right after Rachel's diagnosis...  I changed it shortly after she died to the other one.... and when I looked at the old one, memories flooded my heart.  It's strange what a picture can do.  But I guess it makes sense since I spent so many hours pouring out my soul onto that screen while she was still alive inside me.  Many of you first began walking this journey with me to that screen and the I Will Carry You song. (I think I'm going to switch it after I right this)  I spent so many moments staring at the dandelion at the top and thinking about how her life was seeding everywhere... in places I have yet to know.

I miss her so much and as her 18 month anniversary approaches, there is a part of me that would do anything to be back there - when she felt closer, even if it hurt more then or was harder.  I hate getting further away.... I miss my little girl.

So, I'd like to draw your attention to a new 'interactive' part of my blog :o)  I added this for a little fun and also because I think it will encourage others too.  I can see on my end how many people view each post, but I thought that if you all could see how my posts were affecting people - without everyone needing to leave a comment - that it might be kind of nice.  So - at the bottom of each post there is now a "Input?" section... Just click on your response (multiple choice!) after you read each post if you could!  And please contact me if it's not working properly.  I'm sorry, I tried to put a "I'm about to send you a mean e-mail" option, but there wasn't enough space. haha. :o)  Oh well, I guess we'll have to skip those from now on!!  Shucks.

Thanks & Love,
Stacy & Rachel ♥

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