Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Setting a Goal

I've been posting on facebook forgetting that not everyone here sees that... 

So, I've set a goal to have 43 people signed up for Rachel's Race by her 18 month birthday.  Which is June 3, just 12 days away.  I had set it the day after her 17 month birthday, and already have 14 people signed up!  THANK YOU!!!  14 doesn't sound like a lot, but last year at this time I had not even started planning yet, so I think this is a good start.  But in case I sound like I'm begging (which I kinda am!) let me tell you why I've done this - there are a few reasons... 

1. Because I'm a goal setter.  I've set a goal of 300 participants for race day and we're just 2 months away at this point.  I actually hate sharing my goals because if I don't meet them I feel like a failure, but last year my unspoken goal was 200 and we were just under that - It seemed unrealistic for our first race, but if you don't aim high, you never reach it - so I'm praying that God will bring the people!!  I also have to just say that my financial goal last year was to be able to donate $4300 - but after all our expenses, we were able to donate over $9,200!  I was blown away and still am.  But I'll admit, I'm a little fearful that this year people will have moved past Rachel's story and that will show on the day of the race.  I'm trying to let God be God, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about what that would do to my heart.  I'm a goal setter, not a risk taker, and with Rachel the two usually go hand in hand which stretches me more than I like. *sigh*

2. Because we didn't hold on to any funds from last years' race as we should have and we need income in order to purchase things as we approach event day.  Early registration and sponsors is how we do this.

3. Because it gives me something else to focus on besides the fact that her 18 month birthday is coming, which is a very hard one for me for multiple reasons - not the least of which is that it's my favorite age ever and I bet she would have been so cute toddling around.  But in addition to that, it's just so hard to know that so much time has gone by without her - it feels like it's been forever and yet was just yesterday.  As soon as I felt my heart stinging at the idea of this anniversary coming, I set my goal... some will say it's bad I 'throw myself into other things' - I say what's the other option?  Sit around and cry in fetal position?  I'd like to do the latter, but what good does that do anyone?  Believe me, setting goals and working towards them and 'throwing myself into things' to distract myself does not keep me from feeling... it's not my way to avoid, it's a way to turn something very difficult that makes me cry into something very difficult that makes me cry - and smile too.

So, if you are planning on coming and are able, would you consider signing up early to help me meet the goal for her birthday?  I know planning ahead is risky in case something else comes up - and I've never had to do it, but I'm sure there is a way to get a refund if you needed to....

CLICK HERE to see the race website - the current sponsors, the race info (including course map - walkers have a different one), how to register or donate, how to register a baby you lost to be recognized (free and you can do this even if you aren't coming), and even the sponsors and race winners from last year.

The next 29 people to sign up will get a little gift from me in the mail! :o)  I'll keep you posted on how it's coming!

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  1. I wish I were closer, I'd sign up in a heartbeat!!


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