Monday, May 28, 2012

She's Known

After our meeting for Rachel's Race yesterday, Nicole and I went to Dover and hung a bunch of posters...I had to use the time when Matt could watch the kids so I could get stuff done.  At one of the stores, the lady looked at the poster and said "Did you have a yard sale for this baby?" referring to the one we had to raise money for her playground.  I felt like a bit of an over achiever when I said "yes, for the playground we built for her" since I was in there to advertise about a race for her.... but they didn't seem to think that  and they hung the sign so it's all good. I on the other hand, walked out and started crying.

I said to Nicole... "I should just be happy that people know her...  but I just hate it"

I am glad she is known - but I'd rather have her here and unknown.

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