Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rachel's Random Acts of Kindness

For Rachel's birthday, my friend Lisa made up these cards to hand out to people that she blessed with a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) in Rachel's memory. 

Then a couple of days ago, my friend Nat (Sweet Sebastian's Mama - see link on side) from Australia sent me an email asking us to do a RAOK in Seb's memory for Christmas.  She asked everyone to email or mail her what they did and/or a letter to her family or to Seb and they are going to put them all in his stocking and then read them together on Christmas morning.  Here's his, if you can find a moment to bless someone in his memory too.
(Nat, I'm hoping this is ok to put here since you had it on facebook... if you want me to take it off, just yell at me)

I love this idea but didn't think I had time before Christmas to do it.  However, then it dawned on me, that even one RAOK in Rachel's memory would be better than none - and so I'm asking you (feel free to ignore this Ms.J or her supporters - cause here comes another 'request')  to join me in this. 

Print up the card above and keep it on you.  Then, sometime over this next week, take a moment to help someone else.... lift something heavy for an elderly woman, let a busy mom with young kids go in front of you in the check out, pay for the person behind you to go through the toll....and when you do, hand them the card with Rachel (or Sebastian's) name on it - and if you're comfortable and time permits, tell them about her and our God who created her.  Then comment here, or email my home address if you have it (NOT my blog email address cause I'm not checking that one right now) or, dare I say it...send a card or a note...with what you did for someone else with her in your heart and we'll print them, put them in her stocking and read how she continues to touch people this Christmas season.


  1. I'm really looking forward to finding something special to do for Rachel!! Love you girl, and your girl.
    And yep its more than fine to share my card - I'll share yours too. Gotta blog tonight.

  2. We're on it! Thinking of Rachel and Sebby and their Mamas <3

  3. Yet another amazing idea! I'd love to be a part of such a special "request". xoxo

  4. Yet another amazing idea! I'd love to be a part of such a special "request". xoxo

  5. Funny you mention paying someone's toll...
    Friday night this guy pulls up (heading northbound) hands me a $20 and said "pay for everyone behind me."
    As I'm looking at him & trying to make sense of it, he hands me another $20 bill & says "it is the holidays!"
    and then drives off.
    SO, for forty plus cars I had to explain they were paid for and told the story over and over again.
    Cool eh?
    Merry Christmas Everyone <3


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