Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She'll Be Home For Christmas

I bought this picture frame set on sale on Black Friday when I went to Kmart. It was marked down to $6 and really nice, so although I had no idea who I would give it to, I decided it made a good gift and picked it up for "someone". Soon after I bought it, I redecorated my living room and started thinking it would look good on my wall. so here is the problem...

It only has 4 frames... I have lamented over this for days. Every time I sit down to nurse, I've looked at it and thought; I can't put everyone but Rachel in it... Or maybe I should do family pics - but I will never again have a family pic that has my whole family in it, or I could use pics of me & Matt... This isn't our "home" anyway, our real home is in heaven, which is where Rachel is. Ugh... Maybe I should just give it away...

The other day we went to Kohl's. These metal picture frames with flower accents caught my eye and I stopped to look. (can you tell I have a picture/ frame addiction?) It was a set of frames that all matched and the first one I saw was a sign with the "life is not measured" saying.... my heart sunk...(icky feeling from the recent comment). I looked down at the next shelf and saw one that had a spot for two photos (you can't see them in this pic, but there is one on each side) and metal flowers (daisies?) in the middle and it said : Life brings us to unexpected places.  Love brings us home"

I turned around a tried to tell Matt what I was thinking and started bawling. I could not stop... I walked away at an attempt at changing my thoughts.  I continued through the crowded store crying, covered in tears.  Desirae reached out and held my hand.  I knew that this frame had a different meaning for me.  I knew all of my staring at the "HOME" frame, contemplating heaven and earth and how I'm supposed to love so deeply in both places, was God preparing me for yet another reminder of how real He is. 
Her life brought us to unexpected places... and God's love brought her HOME.
I turned around and went back to get the frame. 

I never expected I would ever lose a child of mine.  That hospital room with empty arms was the last place I ever expected to be.  But, because of Jesus and the Father's love for her, she's home.

I bet she's going to have an amazing Christmas. 

Miss you sweet girl.


  1. Beautiful words Stacy. You put it so beautifully. She will have a beautiful Christmas and love is what God is all about. Thank you for sharing. The picture frames are beautiful! I will pray that God gives you the perfect pictures to put in them!
    Love, hugs, and prayers.....

  2. So glad He brought you to both those frames to give you peace. I'm sure it is the most beautiful Christmas ever there. Praise God He sent His Son so that we have a reason to celebrate Christmas here and somewhere to look forward to. Blessings to you and your family, especially during this holiday season.


  3. This may be unrelated to your blog post, Stacy, but I was thinking of you tonight, and this song came into my head. I hope you don't mind me sharing, and I hope it brings you some of the comfort and joy in the Savior that it brings to me. Love to you and your family! Video and song are here:

  4. I have a picture frame addiction as well. Glad I'm not the only one.

    Love the metal frame... it's beautiful!


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