Monday, October 8, 2012

A Couple of Tunes :o)

This morning at the Y, my little man took his first few steps!  I actually got paid while watching my baby learn how to walk (and teaching Des and Zaya about Pyramids while bandaging Sam's leg, but that's another post).  Does it get much better than that?!  I am so thankful that I am blessed to spend my days with these precious kids and don't miss any of these gifts.  I made up a little song to go along with his new milestone...
(add fun tunes here)  "He learned to walk at the Y - M - C - A!"  :o)  Love this boy.
This picture is just to show off his climbing skills... He's made it to the top of our really steep, wood stairs a few times already.  Apparently he's not only strong, but fast.  I have a feeling he will keep me busy!!  Looking forward to chasing this little crazy boy around!  Pray that my kids will remember to close the baby gates, (the doors, the fridge, the toilet!!) behind them!

And while I'm in the mood for singing...  (add fun tune here)...

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Caleb.  Happy Birthday to you!!"
My nephew turned 5 today and for his birthday he asked to bring me & the kids all McDonald's.  Isn't he sweet??  I reminisced with him about his first birthday, which I was honored to be present for and I can hardly believe it's been so long.  Time really does fly.  Love you Caleb!
They sat like this for a few minutes.  I wonder what's going thru their minds??
♥ Cousin Love ♥

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  1. Time sure does fly! I can't believe he is walking already...your fun is just beginning ;-)


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