Friday, October 12, 2012

Places: On The Map

It took 4 years of coming to the same place on vacation to notice a couple of major 'Rachel' signs.

The road we take to get to the camp has a name and a route number.  We've always referred to it by the route number.  We borrowed my grandparents GPS for the trip this year and when it said "Take a left onto Hope Road" I looked at Matt....  "Is this really called Hope Road??"  and then we saw the sign tucked in the trees on the side of the road. 

I couldn't believe we had never noticed it.  I guess I knew the next town over was called Hope.  Last year Matt went to a church called Hope Community.  But I never made the connection that this little piece of heaven on earth was on the road to Hope.

Then as we were entering the cottage one afternoon, I decided to stop and read the notice posted by the door.  It has hung there every year, it's in the background of the photo I have of me proudly cradling my Rachel belly in August 2010.  But I never read it until this year.  I can't say I was totally surprised to see all the 43's (box #, Zip code & phone #), but the timing of it was a blessing.


God knew I needed to feel her there with us - and once again He provided for my heart.  He never lets me down.  He is in the details - even down to when I notice them.

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