Friday, October 19, 2012

Her Daisy Dress

The other day I was holding Rachel's little dress, trying to remember what she looked like in it.  Most of the photos I have don't show it very well.  My mom had brought it (and a few other things) as gifts on the day she was born.  I wasn't expecting that, but it's one of the things that blessed me the most that day.  She wrapped up gifts just as if Rachel was going to live.  Just like she has for each of my other babies.  It was the only dress I got to put on her.

Today I went and stood in the rain at her grave again.  Winter is coming and I don't feel ready.  Next week I need to bring some fake flowers because the live ones aren't holding up anymore.  I hate the winter.  I hate what it does to her flowers and the ground that stands between us. 

I got home and found an email from Lisa - she had decided to edit another photo of me & Rachel.

I needed this on this Friday....
♥ My sweet girl. She looked so cute in her dress ♥ 


  1. She is so so so beautiful honey <3 Holding you in my prayers right now, just because I can and because I love you and your family, even if I don't stop by all that much.
    Nat xx

  2. That is a beautiful photo of you and Rachel. I'm sure you will cherish this memory. God bless Lisa for giving you what you needed.


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