Friday, October 26, 2012

Rachel's Puzzle Update

Rachel's Birthday Puzzle is on it's way....

My type A personality just loves that it's symmetrical :o)  And my mama's heart is loving that it started with the girls of the family - which I had no idea would happen when I wrote the numbers on the back since I couldn't see the front! 

Thank you to everyone who purchased a piece this week!!  We have 16 pieces in, 93 to go!

Who is on the back of each piece?.....

 1.  Jason Corbett
 2.  Elizabeth Corbett
 3.  Sebby Mardon
 4.  Donna Wynot
 5.  Donna Wynot
 6.  Donna Wynot
 7.  Donna Wynot
 8.  Donna Wynot
 9.  Jennifer Tate
10. Jennifer Tate
11. Alisha Guilmette
12. Nicole Caviris
13. 'Litte One'
14. The Meehans
15. Cindy Winden
16. Cindy Winden

43. Rachel Alice Aube ♥


  1. After all this time, I finally figured out how to subscribe and leave comments!!! Love the puzzle idea, you are so creative, can't wait to see it completed. Hugs, Kim

  2. So great! Thanks for including my Sebby. Love you all xx


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