Thursday, October 11, 2012

Set Your Alarm Clocks! Please Pray With Us!!!

Our friend Billy has been fighting a most humble and brave fight against pancreatic cancer for quite a while now.  He has done this with a better attitude than many have on a good day.  He reached the point recently where treatment was no longer helping. 

I'm hoping you can all pray with us.

Here is a part of an email I received from his wife Dawn:

"Billy's priest, who married us and loves us dearly, is in Medjugorje, Bosnia right now. Medjugorje is considered by many Catholics to be very holy and a place of many miracles. Father Paul will be saying Holy Mass there this Friday morning at 10AM. He is "offering" the mass for Billy, which means that all the prayers at that mass will be offered up for him! (Billy cried about this too). Our intention is to get up at 4AM and be praying at the same time that Mass is being said. Because we are doing the enthronement the night before it will be really special, waking up to do that with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus there with us...
We are asking people to join us in prayer for Billy this Friday morning at 4AM (in your own home, of course!!) or, if you can't imagine waking at that time, please pray Thursday evening. Time is running out, I feel that we are in the garden at Gesthemene. God's will be done, until then we are praying that this cup will be taken from him."
I know many of you are on a different time zone, so just aim for around the same time - ultimately we know that God is bigger than time and so your prayers at any time are greatly needed and appreciated.  From my experience, it is very powerful when there are a lot of people lifting you up in prayer.  I remember the days when hundreds of people were praying for me and maybe that is how I was able to walk through those days like I did.  Please remember Billy and Dawn in prayer as we wait on God for his healing, knowing that this might not happen this side of heaven - but that our God is able.
If you wanted to send any notes or words of encouragement to them, you can use Rachel's PO BOX and mark on it somewhere that it is for Billy & Dawn:
Baby Rachel's Legacy
PO Box 454
Rochester NH 03866-0454
So set your alarm clocks now!!  Friday morning at 4am, even if you just pray for a minute and go back to sleep, please join us in this.  It will mean so much to them and I know he will feel your prayers.  And PLEASE share this!  (check the box below if you are praying...)

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