Thursday, October 4, 2012

There's Always Hope.

On Monday, my friend Mel came into the YMCA while I was working, her little girl carrying a single daisy for me.  If that wasn't a sweet enough sight all by itself, she told me that she spotted it while driving (by Exit 13) and got out of her car and ran up the hill to get it.  I'll admit, I was thankful to not feel like the only person in the world who goes a little far for my girl.  Thanks, Mel.

If you remember, on Rachel's 18 month birthday, Exit 13 was covered with them and a huge blessing to me. See post here.  They've been gone for a long time.   I guess for her 22 months, it had just one return. 

I wrapped a wet paper towel around it.  I said "I just want it to stay alive long enough to bring it home" and I felt a jab to my heart as I remembered saying the same thing about Rachel before her birth.  I kept it with me for the 3 hours I worked and then brought it home in the diaper bag.  You can imagine it was in rough shape by the time I finally got it into water.

For 2 days it was completely hunched over, hanging really low.  Until yesterday...

It's now standing tall on my window sill.... life after death. There's always hope.

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