Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5K Update & Info

Things are coming together for Rachel's 5K... but we're still a long way off!  I have a few requests....

I need 60 more people to register in order to cover our costs to put this on!  I know lots of people who have said they are coming and I'm trying to be patient with the fact that people tend to wait till last minute to register... but I'll be honest...

I'm getting nervous!!  PLEASE if you are planning on coming for sure, can you try to register soon?  It's hard for me to plan without knowing how many people will be there and I need to get t-shirts, food, insurance... and it all requires at least a close number of participants.  You can register (or donate) HERE  Thank you to everyone who has registered so far!  Since this is our first annual, I have NO idea what to expect for numbers and I'm a planner (with a lot of responsibility here) so that is really hard for me.

We also need people to help with set up and clean up, as well as other things like manning the water stations along the walk/run.  If you can't physically do the walk or run, you can always come help at one of the tables!  Contact me if you're interested. 

I have well over 20 babies already registered.... in case you haven't read about that yet, we will be recognizing each baby by name at Rachel's Walk/Run.  It's free to register your baby, so if you live too far away to come, you can still register your baby and we will honor them at Rachel's event.  I hope to record it so I can post it later for you all to see... have to work that detail out still...  This is an anencephaly awareness walk, but the babies being honored have NOT all died from anencephaly, so if you've had a miscarriage or other reason for a loss, please still register your baby!

And last but not least, we still need sponsors and donations for the raffle.  If you work at a place that you think would support our event, please contact me and I can send you a letter I wrote up to present to them.  If you have any items you would like to donate for the raffle (we're making baskets to raffle off) we would LOVE for you to help in that way.  We have received a ton of gift certificates to put in them, but they don't make very pretty baskets... we need items to fill the baskets now.  Items such as art, decorative things, tools or other 'manly' things, baby items (to go with the $200 gift certificate from Brylye Collins for an infant photo session!!), women's care, etc, etc...  you get the idea... anything!

Ok, that is about it...  I'm very hopeful that this event is going to be a success.  I pray that this will be another way that Rachel is honored and God glorified.  Thank you for your support!


  1. I'm a reader who never comments but I would like to send an item for one of the baskets. Can you please tell me where to send it?

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Rachel's story! I wish that I could put into words how much you have touched my life!

  2. Keep up the good work Mommy!
    You rock!


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