Friday, August 12, 2011

When All Else Fails

This song has caught my attention a bunch of times, but today I realized why when I heard the story behind it on the radio.  Apparently he wrote this song after he & his wife found out at their ultrasound that their baby was going to "be born with a broken heart".   When I hear the verse "I make all things new" from Revelation, it reminds me of the coloring page that Des & I did last year on our vacation and she wrote that verse on it....that paper is buried with Rachel...  He makes everything new.

Today these lyrics sum up where I'm at.  People, places and things in this world will always let us down, but God won't.  During this journey, I have lost my faith in friends, doctors, family, and myself... but the only One who has not failed me is my God. 
I've struggled to know which way to go so many times in terms of my medical decisions... to trust God over the doctors.  I go up and down in my grief and hurt like I never knew was possible.  Sometimes I wish I could turn back time.  Sometimes I want to give up on everything.  My dreams for my daughter have slipped through my hands and I wish that my unanswered prayers had good explanations.  I've continuously had to surrender my life, my heart, my reputation, my fear, my children over to God and believe in HIM when all else fails.  To truly believe that I don't need all the answers... to know He keeps my weary heart alive.... Cause "in the middle of my broken dreams.... Redemption is here."

I'm trusting You God, one day at a time.

Pause my music way at the bottom and listen to this song.... 


  1. Great song! You are so right. I wish I had no idea what you were feeling. I wish we could change peoples hearts and remove the blinders from their eyes.

    Continuing to trust is HIS promises along side of you,

  2. What a great song!
    Continue to trust in the Lord and please don't lose sight of the fact that you are wonderful Mother and child of God :)
    And if you need someone of this Earth to lean on, i'm just a phone call away.


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