Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moment #3: A Special Bouquet

I planned on picking up some flowers to keep in the cottage in Rachel's honor for the week, just like I do at home.  I left some on my counter here too, but I like to be able to see them.  I decided to look somewhere else after seeing the prices at the store that we stopped at on the way into town.

The next day, we went to Mount Battie which has the most beautiful views.  We go every year and it's just breathtaking. 
It almost apears like we're standing by the water here, but we're not - we're extrememly
high up on a mountain overlooking the water surrounding Camden

Just as we were heading back to the car to leave, I looked over and saw Isaiah picking flowers. He LOVES to give me flowers... he's so sweet. He handed me a bundle and as he did, he said "Here Mama, these are for Rachel's grave."
He went off to pick a few more and I noticed that Matt was bent over picking some too. He came over and handed me some. There was mostly dandilions, but mixed in were a few white ones that looked like tiny daisies. I knew right away these were going to be what I put at the cottage for Rachel. I figured that I would get through until the next day before they died and I could go buy some then. I brought them back carefully and put them in a glass on the window sill.

Well, those little "weeds" lasted ALL WEEK LONG.  I've never seen anything like it.  The kids bring in flowers from the yard all the time,  I put them in water and by that night, they are dead.  Not these ones....
On the 3rd, we picked a few more to add to the glass for her 9 month birthday.

They were perfect and meant so much more than spending $15 on a bouquet that probably would have died quicker!  It really remided me that sometimes, our greatest gifts come in the most unexpected and simple packages - the ones that wouldn't be your first plan, but end up being even better....   just like Rachel.


We so appreciate your words of encouragement!
Thank you! ♥ The Aubes