Friday, September 23, 2011

Moment #5: The Diapers

For any new readers, my "moments" posts are moments that I wanted to share from our vacation at the beginning of the month, but can't do all at once so I'm working on it moment by moment....

We went bowling one afternoon after Samuel's nap.  Matt packed the diaper bag and when we got to the bowling center, I looked in....

No diapers, No wipes, No change of clothes.... I asked him "what exactly do you pack when you pack the diaper bag?"  Well, because of Sam's allergies, we're always so focused on bringing him something he'll be able to eat, that it's easy to overlook other necessities.  We went in anyway because they were only open a little while longer and we didn't have time to drive all the way back. 

We walked in, got our shoes and headed over to our lane... lane #2.  There was only one other family bowling there and so the guy spaces us out a lot.  We found our spot and everyone sat down to put on their shoes on the bench outside our little area.  I went to sit in the bowling area and there, sitting on our bench, in our lane was this....

A ziplock bag with a handful of size 5 (Sam's size!) diapers and some wipes.  I mean, come on... a coincidence?  Please!  It was such an amazing moment and I love it when our kids see God provide so specifically for our needs.  About half an hour after we got there, a woman came in and came over and grabbed the bag.  Matt told her what had happened and she gave us one.  After we left there, we went to Licolnville Beach, thankful that we didn't have to rush home to get a diaper.  As we sat eating dinner on a picnic table, she approached us again - They had come to the same beach after their bowling trip! - and she gave us the rest of the bag, with 5 diapers in it.  This was the day before we were leaving to come home and we were almost out of diapers.  When we pulled in our driveway the next day, Sam was wearing the last diaper we had with us!

Here's a couple of pics - the kids LOVE to bowl!!
this is why the guy brought us over the ramp to *ease* the balls down the lane!

Isn't she pretty?
"Excited" doesn't describe Sam... he was yelling "go, go, go!!!"
I'll share more about the beach we went to afterwards in another "moments" post....stay tuned.....


  1. Sam is too cute, love Matt's face too! :) And yes she is pretty and so isn't her momma in the background! You look fantastic! Glad that God provided in such a tangible way and like you said the kids getting to see those moments are the coolest! :)


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