Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Appointment Today

Today is my appt at Maine Med.  I'm apparently really nervous cause I'm not feeling so well physically this morning.  Please pray that the doctor will lead me correctly and that I will know what to do as far as my decisions for Asa's birth. 

This morning feels all too familiar.  I haven't been to Maine Med since Rachel and having an all day appt with an all day babysitter (My mom of course!) is way too much like my days waiting for my girl.  I'm going alone today - Matt has no time off....  will get to see my boy again though which I'm looking forward to (never thought I'd say that about an ultrasound again!)  but I'm nervous about going back there and how I'll feel emotionally. 

This morning my sister asked to borrow my video camera today and when I took it out to get it ready, I removed the tape I had in there..... it was labeled "Rachel" and it is empty.....  it's the little things that do me in sometimes.

I'll let you know how it goes....  My sweet Samuel just saw me tearing up and rubbed my arm saying "it's okay Mama, don't worry!" in his squeaky little voice.... love my kids.... especially when they're not on window sills :o)


  1. Covering you in prayers for your appt today Stace, that God's plan for Asa's birth will be clear to you. xx

  2. Love it Rachel, kids can be more comforting than adults sometimes. Their open minds and they don't shy away when they see the tears. xx

  3. Praying for peace as you head to your appt. Four months ago today we lost our second daughter...the little things never stop "doing you in." Thank the Lord for His strength!


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