Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moment #6: The Restaurant

we take a pic in front of this sign each year, too!

We have gone to this same little restaurant every year we've been to Maine.  It's called Family Traditions and it's one of our family's traditions!  We have had the same waitress each year and she knows us now.  She remembered Rachel from last year, which was good for my heart.  I love a chance to talk to people about my girl.

This waitress is very nice and has seen us say grace before meals, but based on conversations we've had, I don't think she is a believer. (although you never know).

She brought us our food and as we prepared to say grace, Matt felt led to ask her if she needed prayer for anything.  She stopped in her tracks and I got all self-conscious.  I thought he had made her uncomfortable and was wondering why he couldn't leave the poor lady alone.  (not very godly, I know, since the best thing we can ever offer anyone is Jesus....)  And the selfish, pregnant human side of me just wanted to eat. (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit this - but that's where I was at)

The woman started crying and said "it's unbelievable that you're asking me this because we just found out that my 11 year old grandson needs heart surgery."  we asked for his name and prayed for him before we ate.  She was so grateful.  I was so humbled.  God was so glorified. 

It never ceases to amaze me the blessings that we receive and are able to give when we just follow the prompting of the Lord.  I just looked at Matt and smiled, knowing that without him and his boldness for the Lord,  I would have missed that opportunity and this scared grandmother would have missed the comfort of knowing that her grandson is not out of God's sight. 

I look forward to continuing our relationship with her... one meal, one year at a time... being able to tell her that we've continued our prayers for her grandson and hopefully one day hearing he was completely healed.


  1. What a cool story! I love it when the Lord guides us to touch the lives of those around us, even when we wonder why we're doing something. Your moments have uplifted me, Stacy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome! Love this story! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me to not take lightly God's promptings on my heart. What an awesome opportunity for you all to show Jesus' love to her! I will be praying too!

  3. Beautiful story Stace. God is so good in even the smallest little things that we never know are destined to be big things for someone else. God bless you, and your dear obedient husband. xx

  4. What a wonderful story! God bless you and you're family!
    Hugs, anja


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