Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Easily Broken

We had a full five minutes of bliss, knowing we were having another girl, but not knowing something was wrong...  The ultrasound tech was going over the body parts with us and came to the umbilical cord.  She said "there are the three strands" (I never knew an umbilical cord was made of three strands.)

"A cord of three strands is not easily broken" I said to her as we smiled at the amazingly detailed way God created our bodies, still unaware of how much we'd be relying on that 3rd Strand just minutes later.

I tend to think of this verse as it is often used at weddings when talking about how vital it is to keep God in the center of your marriage.  The 3 "strands" are husband, wife & God.  Without that 3rd Strand, it is very difficult to keep your marriage together and strong, but with it (Him), you can endure anything.

Just as her umbilical cord being connected to me is Rachel's life line (and I find it no coincidence that God made it out of 3 strands, yet again reminding me Who is in control of life & death), God is my lifeline. Strong and enduring, keeping me going against all odds, as long as I'm connected to Him.

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