Friday, May 6, 2011

Building an Ark on Friday

Today... what can I say about today??  Well, I could probably say a lot, but since tonight has been a rough one, I'm gonna just show you the major points of Rachel's Ark process... The ones that involved the most tears...

This morning, we carried the roof over to the ark

And Middleton Lumber raised it to the top for us

Before lunch, Travis, Melissa & I were working on building the benches and he shaved a paper thin piece of wood off the end of a block... and it was left with, go figure, a heart shape hole in it.  So before lunch, Melissa & I went to pick up Rachel's sign (which is gorgeous, and of course, I forgot to take a pic!) and we went to visit her.  I brought her the piece of wood.  I thought she might like to have a part of her playground there with her.

I put it on the light so it won't fly away...

Mel watered the grass seed for her and I rearranged her stuff cause the cemetery moved it so they could put her footing for her stone in. 

This afternoon, we carried the entry arch over... it's HUGE and absolutely breathtaking.  We all worked together to get it standing.  I don't have pics cause I was helping, but Tris has been taking pictures of everything, so I'll have one later, most likely.  here is it after it's standing...

The top part under the cross will eventually have a big "Rachel's Playground" sign, but it won't be ready till next week :o(  When I stood back and looked at it, I couldn't stop the tears.  I love the cross.  I imagine there are going to be many days, as my kids play on their sister's playground, that I sit under this cross and lay all my heartache here.

And this is my aunt's husband, Dave, in the big hole helping shove rocks under the arch to help make it level. This is one of my top moments for today because out of mine & Matt's families, he is the only one who has come to help us.  (my mom & sister don't count in this, they're there for everything)  I was so blessed to have someone from my family there with me.  Thanks, Dave!

Tonight, I've been pretty sad...  seems strange, I know, since most people think I should be happy.  But today is 22 weeks without Rachel.  I've also had some stuff happen this afternoon and tonight that has left me really feeling discouraged.  I know God has a good day planned for tomorrow though and I'm excited to meet people who have been following my journey with Rachel that are coming.  Today I got to meet a blog friend named Terri and just love how even though I have never met her, it didn't feel that way!  I'm also so honored when I get to introduce someone as a friend from my blog.  I have made so many... thank you for loving me and Rachel!  You have become such dear friends to me.

I didn't get a picture of today's finished progress cause of what happened this afternoon, but it is looking more and more like an ark and it is more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day.  Pray for the weather - outside... and in my heart.


  1. I cannot wait to meet you in person, my friend! Cannot wait to give you a BIG hug! I just KNOW we will share tears! Happy ones! I am working 3rd shift tonight and will be out at 0700...home to shower and Rochester bound! I'm hoping to arrive around 930! Pete and I are scheduled to assist in childcare from 11am-1pm! We are super eager to help!


  2. Praying still for all that is going on in you and your family's life. The playground is looking great! I understand your sorrow. It is certainly a bittersweet thing. It will be great to have this memorial for her where children and their families can play, but sad that there was ever a need for a memorial. Rachel is still dancing up in heaven with Jesus watching all of these people rally around you, Matt, and the rest of the family. God is pleased I am sure!

    Praying for your heart and the weather today. See you soon!

  3. Praying, praying! And thinking of you often! I hope whatever is going on is resolved quickly so you can enjoy the process of watching the Ark take shape!!! =)
    I wish Ohio wasn't so far away, I would love to help & bring my kids to play on Rachel's Playground!
    I wish there were no need for the playground - but am simultaneously glad that you get to honor your girl in this way! It's all a double edged sword, huh?

    ~Hugs~ Lelia

  4. It's so funny that the piece of wood came out with a knot in it shaped like a heart. I went to visit Rachel yesterday and I found some sticks that I formed into the shape of a heart, because I felt the urge to do so just above her bench(which may I add is absolutely beautiful!)(Sadly, this is the first time I've had a chance to see it). It was obviously before reading this blog too! I saw the wood on the light but didn't realize that was why it was there. So awesome that God has shown his love and well the hearts you & Rachel touch are boundless. Thank you. May you have a Mother's day full of love and blessings.
    p.s. Sorry if you get this more than once, my computer's being touchy...:(

  5. Hey Stacey... Brian Lajeunesse here. Just thought I'd tell you how great it was to meet you guys, see your family and church. It was a great blessing. While seeing all the pictures from Rachel's birth and funeral I couldn't help bu tthink about being in the hospital delivering our Ethan and all those memories. I held it together but kin dof thought of it all day. I visited his grave site tonight while I was out alone... which i haven't done in what seems like forever. It was good. I'm an aspiring author and would love to help you guys if you should decide to ever write your book. I can see the cover already. "43 Minutes: A Life Well Spent."

  6. I hope all went well today despite the weather. Praying that God is carrying you through these bittersweet moments laced with joy and grief.
    Sending a big hug your way...


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