Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Few Things On Flowers

Home with a sick family today.  Sam's been throwing up since last night after dinner and Matt has joined him for the day - and all night.  Please pray that the rest of us will pass it by and that they will feel better soon.  Sam hasn't had anything to eat all day, has a fever and has been laying on the floor in and out of sleep, looking really out of it. Poor boy.
This is when he was feeling "good" :o(  I just kept finding him laying down on the floor in random places.

Matt came home last night with some flowers for me... a bunch of daisies and in the middle a "son flower" :o)  I was impressed with his thoughtfulness.

Last night I cut down the majority of my tulips.  I'm really disappointed... I waited all winter to see these bloom in hopes of them making me smile and all their (unblooming) presence did was make me more sad.  It has finally stopped raining after 2 weeks and they are falling apart.  So, I decided I'd get rid of them so I don't have to be reminded of yet another plan gone wrong.  Although they did smell really pretty.  There were a couple baby ones that were actually blooming with the sun today so we cut them and brought them inside...  At least I'll get a few smiles out of them before they wilt and won't have to worry about any more rain.  My "hope" vase seemed the perfect home for them.  And since they were the smallest ones, yet with the most beauty, I thought they represented my girl perfectly.

Last fall, me & Rachel did a LOT of work in the yard.  It made me feel good and I usually heard from God pretty clearly out there.  I moved a bunch of stuff around, but because of the winter I've had, I don't remember most of what I did.  And so as green started coming up through the ground a couple weeks ago, I wasn't sure what was what.  I saw this little thing growing and thought it was a weed.  I almost pulled it out, but decided to leave it.  I couldn't for the life of me remember what it might be, but I figured I could always pull it later.  WELL, now that it's finally stopped raining, I went out to find this pretty bunch of flowers!  I had forgotten that I planted a packet of "forget-me-nots" in Rachel's memory too.  They were seeds and I've never planted seeds before... I planted them in two places and only one came up, but they are beautiful. 

The sun was out all day and the breeze was nice... helped with my mood a lot.  And with all these flowers, how could I not smile a little?  I felt really good today for having a house full of throw up!!  At least I could air it out!  Let's hope tomorrow doesn't bring more sick people!


  1. I "hope" & pray Matt and Sam feel better soon and the illness skips over the rest of you all. Although the flowers are few they are all so beautiful just as Rachel is.

  2. Beautiful flowers!!! Hope everybody gets to feeling better soon and the rest of you don't catch the bug!!!

  3. I will pray that the sickness misses the rest of you! Not fun at all! The flowers are so beautiful! I love your windowsill with the tulips, picture of Rachel and you and Matt. You have it decorated so beautifully. Praying today brings more joy and sunshine your way!

  4. How nice the forget me note came up! Id love to plant some of them.

  5. Beautiful flowers, hope everyone is feeling better.


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