Sunday, October 24, 2010

my last appointment

Some things I forgot to include in post about last Dr's apt...
  • Rachel is approx. 2lbs 9oz now...that's 7oz in 2 weeks! 
  • My iron level is where it should be - I knew I felt better...thank you Floradix!
  • I have to go every week now so they can monitor my fluid levels.  It should be between 18-22 and it is 46, whatever that means...I know it's not good and it's painful.
Please pray that my fluid levels would not continue to go up at this pace and for my pain and discomfort.  Also, that the details of the weekly visits, which end up being all day events, will fall into place.  My next apt is Wednesday...  

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  1. I'm just now reading this...but if you need any help tomorrow (watching the kids, getting to your appt, etc) let me know. I'll be up till 11 and awake around 8/8:30.


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