Thursday, October 14, 2010

A note from Desirae

Here is a letter Desirae asked me to put on the blog... She wanted me to let her type it, but since I showed her how to write an email, she has been sending them constantly without me knowing, giving people her Christmas lists and inviting people over for her birthday (in January!) She even figured out how to find people's email addresses. She's too smart for her own good - and I don't necessarily want her writing on the blog all the anyway, here it is - typed by me, with her typos :o)

From Desirae

I realy love Rachel and it's hard for me to do school and stuff like that, because I don't want her to dye. It's "realy" hard. So anybody that reads this please please please pray for her, and believe God can heal her. - Desirae   PS. Have hope. Thank you.


  1. Dearest Des,
    We pray for Rachel every day & for God to heal her. We are praying for her right now. We love you & Rachel & your brothers & your family! Thank you for your note!
    Beka, Ava, & Aaron :)

  2. Dear Desirae,
    I pray every day for Rachels miracle. I also pray every day that God will hold you, Isaiah, Samuel, Rachel, Mommy & Daddy close to him during this journey. Because that's where there is nothing to be afraid of. God can heal her and I pray that he does, but if he doesn't - he will heal you so you will be able to do your schoolwork and stuff.
    Next time I see you I'm going to SQUEEEEEEEEEZE YOU TO PIECES............

    Love you, Nana

  3. OH Desirae

    what a heart full letter to your baby sister Rachel we are all praying for your family I read this with tears have Hope wow love it know that God and prayers from all over the place are praying HUGS

  4. Dear Desirae,
    We are praying for baby Rachel and we love you and your family.
    Tom, Melissa, Sammy and Isaiah P.

  5. Dear Desirae,
    We have hope. Our God is very big, and He hears our prayers. He will be with you all through this time. We pray for Rachel, you, and the rest of your family every day.
    We love you,
    Leigh, Millie, Gabriel, Lauren, and Alisha

  6. i will pray for your family to get through this terrible ordeal,i have a brother in law that is terminal will you pray for him thank you cindy


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