Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yummy Potatoes

I just spent an hour on the phone, first with Duke University talking about the study we're going to participate in on anencephaly, and then with the Organ Bank to get info on possibly donating some of Rachel's organs or tissues.  I hung up exhausted from the mental energy it took to make the calls, but feeling pretty happy about the potential good that could come from these opportunities, smiling over the people it could help.

I went down to the basement to get a frozen meal out for dinner.  Denise's famous "yummy potatoes." As I opened the door to the freezer, it hit my big belly and the reality of those phone calls became undeniable.   These are the plans I have to look forward to...donating her organs and DNA samples.  Tonight, she'll be enjoying yummy potatoes with Mama and in a few short months, she'll be gone.

Kind of makes me appreciate yummy potatoes even more.

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  1. so glad Heidi got in touch with you. I like to think that when they find the link they are looking for our babies will have been a big part of that.


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