Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Girls and a Pedicure, Part 2

I went to bed "early" last my book that means before midnight... and yet, I woke up having a hard time getting out of bed.  I heard the boys playing downstairs and then Sam started crying.  I yelled down "Is Sam OK?" and Isaiah yelled back "He's OK, but he's still hurting"

Me too, I thought...

Tonight my friend Anne called me and offered to take me out to get pedicures!  I'm telling you, it's been a good year in the foot department. :o)  Thanks Anne!  I still had my polish on from the one I got with Harlee before Rachel was born and it was in rough shape.  I can reach my toes now, so there's really no excuse, other than the fact that wiping it off was going to be taking the memory of us "4 girls and a pedicure" (old post) away with it...We went while Harlee and I were both still carrying our little girls.. Rachel kicking the whole time and people asking if I was due "tomorrow" cause I was so big.  I miss my girl. 

So, I sat in the chair and watched him wipe off my memory and sighed at the idea of moving forward.  I looked over at Anne... I realized that we were 4 girls and a pedicure; part 2...  Our girls may not be dancing around in our wombs anymore; they may not be keeping us up at night hungry or poopy... but they are in our hearts and they take up quite a bit of space there....and we are honored to let them.  We spent a long time talking afterwards about's a gift from God that He gave me a friend in this area that I can sit and talk with who gets what I'm going through. I hope Rachel and Rose are up there hanging together too... (are there pedicures in heaven?) and I hope they know that we never go anywhere without them.  We carry them in our hearts and will for the rest of our lives... we will not forget them and we will always mention their names... sometimes with smiles; sometimes with tears... but always...


  1. they know just how much you love them and they know just how much He loves them.

    they know...

  2. You feel the pain with bitter sweet memorys, but because you have shared your story with the world. Rachel will be in so many hearts and minds. What you have done with Rachels story by sharing it is amazing. I weep with the words you write, but I also find amazment how you are a strong mother to all your children. Please know I share your story with many of my family and friends as well. ~Love Bridget~

  3. Beautiful post! I love pedicures. They know, they see. :)


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