Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful Sound

You may remember that the girls from church rented me a hospital grade doppler so that I could listen to Rachel's heart any time I wanted while I was pregnant...  well, it came time to send it back and it was hard for me to box it back up.  This doppler had the ablitly to record and so I have a heartbeat recorded from August and one from Dec. 2nd, my last night with my girl.  When I sent it back, I put a note in it, telling them about Rachel; how amazing she was and how great our God is.  I asked them to take a second and listen to her heart before they deleted the recording...telling them that it was one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard.  I also included my blog...I hope they have checked it out. 

So, a couple days ago, I got little box from them.  I opened it; it said "a gift for you" and it was a pink CD with this on the front:

My Baby's Heartbeat
Name: Rachel Alice Aube
Date Recorded: December 2, 2010
Date Born: December 3, 2010

(don't forget to pause music at the bottom of blog so you can hear this!)

Apparently they liked the sound of it too cause they sent me a copy. I think you usually have to pay extra for that.  I am so thankful to have it on a of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. 
Thank you Baby Beat!!


  1. Such a precious gift. I loved hearing each of my children's heartbeats while in the womb. God is so good.

  2. What a beautiful sound to enjoy on this Sunday morning, thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter.

  3. Oh Stacy,

    You know how much I always look forward to your next blog. When you said:

    When I sent it back, I put a note in it, telling them about Rachel; how amazing she was and...telling them that it was one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard.

    all I felt were my warm tears streaming down my cheeks.

    She was amazing! She IS amazing! Just like her mumma! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful feelings with us.

    I am so happy for you that they took the time to send you 'a gift for you'! And what a gift it wonderful that you will always have that to listen to and cherish in your heart!

    BIG hugs via my comments until the day we meet in person~


  4. What a beautiful sound. Thank you for sharing! I pray that you had a beautiful Sunday! Hugs and prayers....

  5. Awww, Stacey.

    I love this sound. It is one of my favorite things about nursing: the sound of a heart beating!

    This is such a special gift for you to cherish! What a great company!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a blessing! And her heartbeat is music to my ears! Tears are flowing but my heart is smiling listening to that precious sound! What an amazing girl...just like her mama!

  7. A beautiful sound indeed! <3 Precious! So glad they sent you a copy-what a blessing!

  8. Such a beautiful sound. I wish I had gotten a doppler for Carleigh.


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