Saturday, January 1, 2011

Playground Update!

Rachel's playground is well on it's way!  We're up to $4,255 already, $5,745 to go - and that is before any fundraising! (and we have some fun ideas!)  I cannot believe how generous everyone has been and am so excited to see how God is pulling this all together.  The donations just keep coming in.  I can hardly keep up with the thank you notes!  Rachel is one amazingly loved little girl.  I am so proud and so humbled all at the same time... proud of who she is and to be her Mama - and so humbled by God and the love of his people.  Thank you!  Here is the video I prepared for our "official announcement" at church today.  It has pictures of the Ark we'll be building.  My friend Denise has helped me to get things lined up with Learning Structures and did the formal announcement with me.  She has been such a good friend...another blessing God gave me through Rachel.


  1. Perfect, just perfect................

  2. That's Awesome Stacy! We are so excited for you! God is sooo good! Continuing to pray for you daily! Love and prayers,
    Carrie & the Lajeunesse' family


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