Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Blue Daisies

For her birthday, my aunt paid for Des to get her ears pierced - so we finally went yesterday.  Jailyn got hers done too. They were both very brave and the girl working with them was named Rachel. :o)  It was fun to go together, and yet when Des got up in the chair to get hers done, I felt like I could puke... I had 11 holes in my ears when I was younger (half of which I did myself...yuk!), and also had my ears gaged (those big hole things) at one point and my tongue pierced... and still, when my daughter sat down to get holes in her ears, I was so nervous!  I'm like that when she gets shots too...still.  It's hard being a Mama sometimes. 

She got little blue daisies in memory of her baby sister... and has been nothing but smiles since.


  1. They are beautiful....what a beautiful reminder always for you both too! :)

  2. Perfect!


  3. What a brave girl! She is too cute! <3

  4. My beautiful granddaughters are growing up - I can't believe it!!!

    Love, Nana

  5. It took a while for me to figure out who your Aunt was........

    Love, Mom


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