Sunday, January 9, 2011

Desirae's Party and her Castle

This morning Des & I headed out to get the stuff for her birthday party.  This was the first year she has had just a "friend party" and it was great.  She was so excited.  It was much less stressful on me too and she had surprise drop-ins from my family all week long so it seemed like her birthday lasted for a week.  I'm not sure why I didn't do this years ago...could have saved myself some trouble.  Anyway, we were leaving the driveway and "My Girl" came on the radio.  I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...I've even got the month of May with my girl...  sigh...

Matt brought Des & her friends out to Chuck E. Cheese's, while I stayed with the 3 boys.  When they returned we had pizza, ice cream shakes, popcorn and watched a movie.  Now she has her cousins sleeping over and they are going with us in the morning to church.  Isaiah was excited that he got to have a friend sleep over too! :o)
Girl's just wanna have fun!

The 3 Girls!  A gift from Mama for her new room

Showing everyone her new room
 And speaking of which... New topic...  I was waiting to show these pictures cause I ordered a new quilt and valance (her bday gift!!) and apparently got ripped off on line, so now I'm trying to file claims and all that fun stuff and it could be a while...see what I mean about things just not working out?  I ordered it 3 weeks before her birthday so she'd have it - and she doesn't.  I'm blessed that she's not a greedy kid cause she hasn't complained once.  But this castle is what our friends Denise & Kelly helped us build for her. She had no idea it was coming!  It was so fun.  Plus, we switched their rooms around, which she didn't know was happening either.  This used to be Isaiah's room, Isaiah & Sam are now both in Des' old room and I have Sam's room for my office and Rachel's stuff.  I've been very busy! :o) 

the boys' room... used to be pink!!  Isaiah saw this and said "Mama! Orange is my favorite color!" :o)  I've been working hard.  No wonder my incision isn't happy.  But it's kept my mind busy... Oh, and check out the floors that Brian helped us with!  Love them! It used to be black carpet!  Papa (my Dad) got them the bed as one of their Christmas presents.
OK, so that's a glance into my home.  I was sad that I'd never be able to do the room stuff for Rachel...I love this stuff, but I decided I'm going to in a different way.  I have some space in the spare room where I am going to hang her stuff out and a dresser I'll use to store the rest.  (knowing me, I see a fresh coat of paint coming too!)  I feel better at least having a special place for it; a place where it doesn't just go unseen.  I have some organizing to do, but projects are good for me...hence the playground! :o)  I told someone the other day that if I didn't have my 3 beautiful children (and all the things I do for them) to keep me busy, I think I might have died from a broken heart by now.  These daily things with them keep me going.  I am so thankful I have them and for all the joy and love they bring into my soul. 


  1. Stacy, The rooms came out beautifully! I love them! I am just like you! I love to stay keeps the mind busy. Idle hands are not good, though I guess with you healing from major surgery, it might have been good to be a little bit more restful! I can empathize though. After we lost our precious Ethan I was so thankful that we had 3 little ones to keep us moving so I wouldn't die of a broken heart as well. Praying for you still.....

  2. I forgot! Happy Birthday Desirae! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday party with your friends! :)

  3. Both rooms look great! Good job Mamma! :)

  4. Rooms look great - from the floor up! I'm glad you have so many in your circle of friends who are so willing to share their talents.

    Love, Mom

  5. Wow! What a transformation of the kids rooms! Well done all! I like your plan for using Sam's old room Stac :)


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