Sunday, January 30, 2011

"You are not alone"

On Friday, I went to visit Rachel for her 8 week birthday :o)  Des was invited by Mrs. Marshall at Tri-City to stay after art class for a special guest they were having.  We have been so blessed by the support and love that everyone at that school has given us.  It is so apparent to me that God ordained her time there last year and has provided for us in so many ways through the staff.  We are so grateful to be considered part of their school and for all of their support, even as homeschoolers.  So anyway, because she was there for a while Friday, I didn't have to rush my visit with Rachel this week. 

Friends of ours, Brent & Naomi, live nearby the cemetery and told us that they planned on making it a family tradition to clean Rachel's spot for us every year.  They have been faithfully shoveling it out for us, including last week when the roads weren't plowed yet, meaning they made the same trip we did through the snow!  When I pulled up, I figured it would be somewhat cleaned up...  what I saw, yet again left me in tears of gratitude.  I cannot begin to explain how amazingly people have loved us through this journey.  Not only had Brent & Naomi cleaned ALL the snow off of Rachel's grave, the marker I made her and little name plate, (and they said someone else had done some cleaning up too) but the cemetery apparently plowed the entire area!  This spot that is plowed is not even a road, it's usually lawn, but they did this especially for us.  I am humbled by the ways people continuously bless us...  thank you all!

approaching Rachel's spot... this is how deep the rest of the cemetery is!

you can see her little name plate... they had even completely cleaned that off - right down to the ground!

It was nice to not have a time limit....but it made for a lot of tears.  I miss her so much.  I can't believe it's been 8 weeks...and then at times I can't believe it's only been 8 weeks.  I don't remember life before her...don't really want to. 

This spot is WAY bigger than I need and yet was given to me out of love and compassion from somebody that I have never done anything for and will never be able to repay. It says loud and clear "you are not alone."  Kind of reminds me of Jesus.  He has given me more than I could ever have asked for out of love & compassion.  I did nothing to deserve it and will never be able to repay Him.

For a time in my life that will most likely be the worst pain I'll ever endure, I am amazed every day at how much joy there is in heartache when you are walking the path with God.  He is ever reminding me, "you are not alone."


  1. How wonderful that this kindness was done for you.

  2. Love that God is using people to continue to bless your heart. Love and prayers....

  3. Amazing Stacy! I was thinking about you on Friday...thinking about how nice of a day it was for you to make your 8-week visit. Love, Jill

  4. What kindness!
    You are not alone my friend...

  5. 8 weeks! I can't believe it either.

    what a great gift :-)

  6. Your strenght amazes me. Thank you for sharing your story, and I am so glad that you have been blessed by so many people who are there with you and helping you and your family. God Bless.


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