Friday, January 14, 2011

Clarification on my last post...

I am so sorry... I should clarify... my last post got some confused comments... I need to tell you that Options for Women DOES NOT support abortion.  I guess I thought that would be obvious if I put it on my blog and was supporting them.  I should hope everyone who knows me or who reads my blog would know that I am 100%, unwavering pro-life and would never ask you to "like" something pro-abortion.  I am very sorry for assuming.  Please know that Options for Women has the name they have so that girls will check them out when they are looking for options... and they are a faith based organization that is pro-life.  They do not perform or support abortion.  They do everything they can to educate women on the truth of abortion.  If a girl has an abortion somewhere else, they offer post abortion counseling and support because they care about the women and the pain they will have as the result...  please feel free to contact me with any other questions.  I hope this makes more sense now...

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