Monday, March 28, 2011

Exciting Playground Update!

I forgot to tell you all that Monday's meeting went AWESOME!  It was a good turn out and we got a lot accomplished.  I was so blessed by everyone's enthusiasm.   Today, I was able to knock off another $4,140 from the total remaining needed for Rachel's Playground!  This is all just from the past week!!  We were blessed (and close to pooping our pants) when we received a $1,000 donation on my blog yesterday afternoon!  We have made $595 profit with flower bulbs so far (Order yours now!  Sale ends on the 31st!)  and I also was handed another $100 in cash last week and $70 in cash this week.  Learning Structures (the amazing playground design company we're working with) is donating $1600 worth of products that they have in stock and also were able to get a company they work with, Fastenal, to donate $775 of screws and fasteners!!   God is providing!!  Our materials coordinator, Tim is working with a few companies on some possible donations of materials that look very promising.  Please pray specifically for donations of materials. 

I am once again in awe of how many people love our little girl and how her story continues to touch people's hearts.  This playground is truly going to be more than a structure slapped on a piece of land.  The way everyone is rallying around to help us make this happen means so much to us.  It does more for our hearts than any cool playground ever could...although it is going to be one cool playground!  But just to know that this is all happening because of love for Rachel is amazing.  I can't wait to see it all come together!  And if you must know, yes, I'm crying right now :o)  Love you all!


  1. Yay!!! So excited for everyone! :) Rachel, we love you!

  2. YAY and SO AWESOME, such great news, thank you for sharing!


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