Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rachel Alive & AMelia

Okay,  To everyone who believes in is a "coincidence" for you - I was totally unaware that THIS POST! existed on Melissa's blog...  Did you read my post the other day about my "typo"?  and in that post I mention Melissa...and how I had been talking to her on email that morning... Oh, and just a side note, her daughter Amelia was born on July 28 (my bday too) and was buried on Aug 4 (the day we found out about Rachel) She also happens to be one of the two people I know who chose to bury instead of cremate which is helpful for me to have to talk to about my struggles in that area....and she just gave me a link to a post she did in april 2010....that pretty much said the same exact thing I wrote just the other day.  check out her "typo" - Nothing happens in God's world by mistake.  I'm not sure why I can still get so excited over stuff like this cause I see Him do this stuff all the time...but each time it's as if I rediscover that He's real.  I love it.

GOD IS AMAZING!  How did I end up friends with someone across the country?  I'll tell you how Rachel Alive and AMelia... read the link - He never ceases to amaze me.  God is with us....and He reminds us every day.  Our little girls have given us so much, including friends who understand us like nobody else....typo's and all!

Or maybe it's just a coincidence that we both had major "typos" and it doesn't mean anything at all.  That's a good theory, too.


  1. Rachel is very much alive in the hearts of many many people!! Just wanted to tell you we share the same birthday! I'm July 28th as well!!

  2. I got your thank you card today, I cried, that was so thoughtful of you! Thank You!


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