Friday, March 4, 2011

No Smoke in Here, Mom...

Funny story... when Matt & I were dating, breakfast was our thing...eggs, bacon, toast and coffee (and then we'd smoke butts...gross, but we liked it then)  When I was in jail and pregnant, all I wanted was a good home cooked breakfast.  The food there was awful.  One morning Matt picked me up for work release and brought me a hot breakfast...eggs, bacon, toast and Snapple..hold the butts. :o) I felt so loved.  Even though he forgot that his Snapple didn't have the cover on and shook it...all over me!  I went to work smelling like bacon and covered in Snapple.  Good times.

I got an email from a girl at church  that I don't know saying that she knows how hard it is to actually eat a hot breakfast when you're a mom and wanted to bring me some warm food on Friday morning to make my Rachel day easier.... and so it was...  I ate warm pecan honey buns (is that what they're called Jen?)  Anyway, they were delicious and warm and went great with my coffee, she didn't throw any Snapple at me and don't worry, I didn't smoke.

I felt so loved... thank you!! <3


We so appreciate your words of encouragement!
Thank you! ♥ The Aubes