Thursday, March 3, 2011

7,889,231 Seconds... But Who's Counting?

March 3...

I just looked at my ticker and saw
"It's been 3 months since we said goodbye"
It's no surprise, I knew why does it hurt so bad to see it in writing?  The truth is if I saw each second since we said goodbye written out, it would do the same thing.  There is not a moment in this life that my heart doesn't ache for my precious girl

3 short months ago we held in our arms
3 long months ago we watched her slip away.

Words can't express how much it hurts


  1. Words are often insufficient. But your heart shines through whether you use a few words or avalance of them.

    Love, Mom

  2. BIG hugs to you, my sweet!

  3. Crying with you dear friend.

  4. thinking of you today and everyday <3 hugs!!

  5. Happy 3 months in Heaven sweet Rachel


We so appreciate your words of encouragement!
Thank you! ♥ The Aubes