Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 girls and a pedicure

Minus the pedicures I got when I was in beauty school, I have only been out for a pedicure twice before I was pregnant with Rachel.  Back in July, Des & I went out for a girls day and got one (the week before we found out Rachel had anencephaly)  And then we went again last month on our weekend trip to Portland.  So, today Harlee & I went to get pedicures together...since neither of us can reach our toes :o)  (We're due within a week of each other and are both having little girls!)  I'm starting to feel pretty spoiled...3 pedicures in one year!

Afterwards we went to Walmart and Harlee bought Rachel a cute little outfit...  I have a bunch of clothes packed for her, but they are all newborn size since I was originally planning on going to 40 weeks or more.  However, it's not looking like she'll need clothes that big now.  I'm still hoping for chubby cheeks, but I think she needs preemie sized clothes. This is the one she got her - we saw one that said "love to twirl" on it with a little ballerina...thought it was fitting for Rachel, but they didn't have preemie.  Harlee's going to check at the Concord Walmart to see if we can find the right size for my little dancer.

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