Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here's to Stretch Marks!

Well, I've made it through 3 huge baby bellies and 3 big babies with no stretch marks...  I don't think it's happening this time.  I'm about the size that I usually am when I give birth and with 4 weeks left to go and my fluid building up, it will look like I'm having twins if I make it to our scheduled c-section.  This morning I noticed some lines on my belly...not sure if they are stretch marks or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.  I was just looking at the map of all the places that people are reading my blog and saw my "she's leaving her mark!" title and thought yeah, in more ways than one! :o)  Maybe months from now when my stomach looks like a map, it will remind me of how many people her short life touched.  And although nobody really wants to have scars on their bodies, she is worth every one.  No scar on my body could ever compare to the one that will be left on my heart when I say goodbye - and she's worth that scar too!  I couldn't care less if I'm left with lines on my belly - not just because belly shirts and bikinis aren't my thing these days, but because anything that proves that she was here for 9 months is special to me.  So... here's to stretch marks!


  1. I'm so glad the Lord provided positive people with positive blogs for me to read. I will be thankful for my stretch marks now, since yes, they are proof of my Sammy.


  2. Stacy,
    I couldn't agree more! Our babies are worth all of it and more! My boys were the first to leave a few on me too, but now it just reminds me of the time they spent with me and I don't mind them at all. I am so glad you can still be positive. If it helps at all, I was carrying twins, but it looked like I had 3 basketballs in my belly =)Thinking and praying for you everyday!
    Love, Chrissy


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