Friday, November 5, 2010

sucking ruins cards...

Isaiah just said "I wanna make a cawd (card) for Wachel (Rachel)"  So I gave him a piece of paper, he drew on it, and I wrote "To Rachel.  Love, Isaiah".  He took it to show Daddy and he said "but what if she wuins (ruins) it?"  And Des said "Baby's usually do that...they suck on things"  I smiled and thought...yeah, she does suck now, so that could pose a problem :o)

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  1. I just love that child!! He was so good and so cute today. I did spend time being the tickle monster instead of just cleaning. Isaiah and Des had a blast but Samuel wasn't too sure of the whole running and screaming thing. I loved how Des wrote on the chalkboard to: Hug Des........
    I'm glad they like the "flat pizza".
    And I am so relieved that your fluid is decreasing from Rachels swallowing. I was getting concerned about the symptoms you were having. I am also thankful that Matt is so involved with you on this journey. He could go to work and just check in once in a while and no one would question it. But he stops in for lunch and goes to most appointments, which has to help you tremendously. He ever so gently leads the other kids through this maze of emotion. It is so obvious that he is not standing on the sidelines but is emotionally, physically and spiritually involved with each of you - All while working two jobs. As your mother - I am grateful that you and my grandchildren have him.


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