Saturday, November 6, 2010

How did the Benefit Go?

I have been meaning to write about how the benefit went for days...  It was awesome.  There were a lot of people there and we felt so loved and supported.  It was such a blessing to have people we don't even know coming to support us and show their love for Rachel.  It was also great to be celebrating Dale's birthday with the people he spent most of his life with.  He had a huge heart and it shows by the amount of people who will show up for him even after he's gone.

We raised $4300 that day, which was the exact amount we needed for Dale's funeral and burial - and the donations are still coming in.  We have recieved another $1,130.00 since the benefit. $385 of which is from complete strangers who read our story in the Fosters and other Newspapers and wanted to tell us they love Rachel.  And most of the rest is from people either in my family, or some of their friends/co-workers who wanted to help us out. We have also recieved letters from a few people, including one guy in jail that wrote us a poem, whose hearts were moved by how God is carrying us and although they had nothing to give, wanted us to know they were thinking of us.  This is more than we have gotten from some people closest to us.  We were so humbled by this.  It's a good feeling to know that people care, not because they have to or because they will get something in return, but just because. 

After we add that amount to the money we get back from the Milton Mills cemetery, it will cover the headstone and most likely some of the other little expenses.  Edgerly's Funeral Home has graciously offered to do Rachel's funeral at no charge.  We are not far off from the total we will need.  I honestly don't know how much it will all be.  There will be other burial charges and some expenses for the funeral that are separate from Edgerly's services. I've never done this before, but I know that our biggest expenses are covered...  And I know that most of it has come from people who don't even know us. God ALWAYS provides!!

Here are some pictures from the benefit...  Thank you to all who came out and loved us!!  We are so blessed by your support.

my Grandpa

My "Uncle Kathy" and my Papa
yes, there's a story to her name, no she's not really an Uncle, she's my Aunt.

Samuel with Nana (my mom, Rachel), My sister Meagan and Papa
and of course, Baby Rachel!

My awesome husband hanging with the kids...
He had so much fun, he almost lost his voice - my party animal. :o)

My Uncle David in the blue shirt -
Isaiah told him when we saw him the next day that he was too loud
He brought the bands - and they were LOUD!
 If anyone took pictures that I might want to have for a keepsake, I'd love it if you wanted to send them to me!

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