Friday, November 26, 2010

Rachel's Vault

A while back, I ordered the vault for Rachel's casket.  I had an extremely difficult time picking one out.  There were some that were "prettier", but they didn't look as sturdy.  It seems pointless to worry about the casket being protected since it's going in the ground and never coming out, but this was one of my hardest choices.  I cried a lot through this part.  So, I ended up talking to a lady at a company called Polygaurd and she helped me pick one.  She also helped me with the price and gave us a break on it.  It was a "happy" ending to my search... 

It came in the mail while we were gone on our Maine vacation in September.  Our neighbors were collecting our mail for us, so a day after we returned, they came over with a bunch of mail and a huge box.  I knew right away it was the vault.  I didn't open it until later and when I did, I fell apart.  I called Matt at work "the vault is ugly and it's smells funny" I said through my tears.  He said it's ok, we'll paint it...  we'll make it look good. (Truth is, the vault was fine.  It's just nothing is going to look good enough for my girl)
I went to the store and bought some paints.  A few weeks back, he spray painted it for me (with Isaiah's help)  They painted it a soft pink and I was already feeling better, but we were still going to decorate it.
 So yesterday, since we were all here, we got out the paints and decorated Rachel's vault.  I cried a few times.  It's hard to imagine that she'll be inside this thing...even though it is much prettier than it used to be and doesn't smell funny anymore... I still don't want to put her in it. 

 We all put our handprints on it -  When I did mine and lifted my hand, there was the shape of a heart left in the middle without paint on it!  (you can see the pink heart around the yellow one I drew)  It was cool.  As always, my heart for this precious girl shines through.  I added "always in my..."  Wish she knew.
 The kids' side... Sam was SO not into this.  We managed to get his hand on there, but I had to do some touching up.  He liked washing his hands better. :o)

Lamb by Desirae!

So, there you have it...Rachel's vault.  I would love to write something that could really articulate my feelings on this one, but I've got nothing. 


  1. Stacy
    the vault looks beautiful:) The daisys look happy, as difficult as it must have been to decorate, it was a great idea to have all the kids involved. Rachel is so loved:)

  2. Wow - it came out beautiful. The depth of thought you put into this is simply amazing. Words are not sufficient.
    Love, Mom

  3. It is so brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. Your children will forever remember Rachel in a beautiful way because of the way you have involved them in this process. Praying for you all.....

  4. I love it. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! Having a special pace for your baby is so important!! I had trouble with this too, planting the tree. Glad you found something special.

  5. Rachel DOES know! She knows that you love her very much. She knows it now, she'll know it when she gets here, and she'll know it long after she's left Earth. The vault is beautiful. I think it was a great idea to involve the whole family with it...

  6. I love it! You've made the best out of a horrible task...projects like that show us all how much you love Rachel :-)

  7. May God bring you peace to your hearts. Not a day goes by that my family in NJ does not pray for a miracle. If not a miracle of body ...a miracle of heart. That you will find peace.

  8. It's BEAUTIFUL and wrapped with so much love!

  9. You and your family did an amazing job on this. I love the verses you put on it and everyones hand prints. It's as if your all holding her. Its so sweet that you made this into a happy memory. You are such a good momma and family.


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