Monday, February 28, 2011

Leave a Message

I keep forgetting to blog this, but when I showed up last Friday to visit Rachel, I found a present behind her.  (amongst some other gifts that have been left)
It's a journal and pens that my mom left.  It's in a plastic bag in a basket.  The note says feel free to leave your thoughts & prayers.  If you visit, we would love to know it... The bag also has some candy in it...that's not for you, so don't take (sorry) Nana left it for the kids...and boy were they happy!  Especially Sam cause he's not allergic to what she left.  He is getting old enough to know that the other kids get to have lots of stuff he can't and it's getting hard. (for all parties involved...although I don't mind eating the chocolate he can't :o) )  Thanks mom for making sure I didn't have to deal with any tantrums at the cemetery :o) and for visiting our precious daughter.  There's a reason she's named after you.


  1. I'm glad you felt the journal was a good idea. I knew the kids would think the candy was............

    I am honored to have Rachel, Sam, Baby Aube, Isaiah, Desirae, Caleb, and Jailyn in my life as their Grandmother and in my heart as their Nana.

    Love, Mom

  2. What a neat gift.
    I often wish I knew who was visiting our lil' Amelia's grave.
    How special.
    Lifting you up in prayer as always!

  3. I love the idea!!! That is such a blessing to you to be able to read notes that others will leave! That and I am sure it will be a blessing to others to be able to put their love into words while there visiting your precious Rachel.
    Mom's are the BEST!!!! Both your mom, Stacy, and you as a mom as well!!! :)
    Love and prayers,
    Carrie :)

  4. That is wonderful! What an amazing mom you have.


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