Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Still Believe

Here it promised project...
(pause music at bottom of blog first so you can hear it)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!
    Love you!

  2. Breathtaking....
    Praise You, Lord!

  3. Tearful, and oh so beautiful. Praise God for his mercy!

  4. Tearful and oh so beautiful. Praise God for His mercy!

  5. We Still Believe, thank you !!

    WOW, so powerful for a new christian, who came to Christ while reading your blogs.

    Before I was a christian, one thing stopping me was how could God do this to a mother, children and parents separated, so much suffering.Then I read your blogs, watched as Rachel danced with you, as you carried her, and Jesus carried you. I couldn't understand your faith, your love of Jesus. I prayed, and I was not even a believer, but "if" there was a God, I hoped He would hear.

    I found a christian chat site, to ask questions about the bible verses you posted,and started to learn about God, that Jesus died for my sin, Yay.

    Though the seed was planted in me earlier, you watered it, and through the birth of Rachel, reading your blogs, scripture, and chatting with other christians, I now believe, and am saved.

    You give me so much encouragement in my walk with God, and I never new how to tell you.

    I can now say, not "if" there is a God, but yes, there IS a GOD, and as I look back , even when I denied Him, He did not deny me, he new I was being watered, and fed from His words, through your blogs, Yay, God is good.

    I will always remember how I came to really know the love of Jesus.

    Rachel, through you, was a messenger to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Praise to the Lord ! ! !

  6. Wow! Eve, what a testimony of God's goodness!
    Stacy, absolutely beautiful! I have tears pouring down my face right now, because for how strong my faith is, it is still weak. We have been facing some really difficult trials as a family for more than a year now with no end in sight(all the details are not important), but that song and those pictures brought me back to the simple truth that I simply need to keep believing and trusting in the God who is in control. Bottom line. I don't need to know the whys, I just need to glorify Him through these dark days and He will make it clear some day. He is faithful, end of story!

    Thank you again for sharing.

    Thank you God for your goodness and for these journeys of tears and suffering, because in them we become more like you.
    Still praying,
    Carrie xo


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