Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Save The Date!

I met with Joe from Learning Structures and Pastor Bernie this morning to survey the land at the church for Rachel's playground.  It looks like we'll be able to place the Ark closer to the building than we had thought...this is excellent news because we were thinking we'd need to clear a bunch of land and that isn't the case.  This means that we won't need to wait for the ground to settle and so we'll be able to build on the days I was hoping for and I can finally share them!

Mark it on your calendar!!  May 6 & 7

The 6th is what they call the "framing day" (we need higher skilled people this friends, come on down!)  The 7th is the "raising day" and we need all levels of people to help.  We will be providing food and childcare and need as many people as possible... so please plan on coming!  This might sound like a lot of work... but we're going to have a ton of fun too and I am more than thrilled that my little girl is at the heart of this.  I can't believe my vision is actually coming to be.  It's unreal.  If this is the first time you've heard about it, click on the playground link on the right.  Oh, and in case you're doubting that we can do this in 3 days (we'll be busy on the 5th getting stuff ready for the 6th) just come and see!! 

We're having an informational meeting on March 6th at 9:30 at Grace Community Church in Rochester (where her playground will be) to get people involved and explain how the community built playground works.  Come & join us, we need your help!

And let me just tell you why these dates are special to me...  May 7, 2008 is when we lost our 3rd baby to miscarriage and the 8th is Mother's Day.  Last year on Mother's day is when we announced to our families that we were expecting again.  I think it's going to be one of those days that is etched in my mind forever and possibly make my heart heavy for Rachel.  It probably would anyway, knowing that I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl who I can't hold...for now.

The ark represents to me that there is blessing in following God's call on your life, even when you don't understand it.  Noah built the ark, day in and day out, for years... and everyone thought he was nuts.  But when the floods came...  well, Noah didn't look nuts anymore.  Obedience brings blessing.  God called me to be a mother and I will be the best mother I can be and put my all into every child He gives me... even in death.  I am wholly dedicated to my children and their amazing Daddy.

So, on the 3 year anniversary of losing a baby and in memory of our precious daughter, our community will work together to raise an Ark in her name and for God's glory... and the next day, Mother's Day, I will watch my kids play on it...missing Rachel, I'm sure, but smiling because I had the chance to know her and humbled by the impact she has had in this world.

I wouldn't be surprised if God sends a rainbow that day, too.

I got back from the meeting and went to walk up my stairs, I looked down and there it was....

A dead yellow jacket!!  OK, I'd be excited over a dead yellow jacket normally, but the reason I jumped for joy at this one is because... it's only February and we still have a couple feet of snow... why is there a yellow jacket outside my door??  Cause we're gonna have an early spring!!  The bugs are moving around and the groundhog didn't see his shadow :o)  It's on it's way!


  1. Rachele's life just touches me and my family. I share your story with everyone that means something to me. I am going to try and come to the meeting at your church and also my husband who is an electrition and I am handy.. We have two boys but will do what we can for you.. I am also going to talk to some friends We have many carpenters in our family of friends and want to come and just praise Racheles life.. I feel like you are fam. God bless you..

  2. Dear Stacy~

    The moment I read what the dates were that you were planning on building Rachel's Ark I checked my calendar and I'M OFF that day! I am so excited right now! I will be there that day to help! I am so looking forward to finally meeting you in person and now I know that if it doesn't happen before will certainly happen that day, my friend! BIG hugs to you and thank you for making my day! =)

    And I love your yellow jacket story, thank you for sharing!

  3. I so wish I didn't live in Nebraska. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could! It is such a wonderful project for such special children.


  4. LOL! I am so excited for all of us about the dead yellow jacket! I am especially excited for the dates being set for the playground to be put up!!! What a blessing! We will continue praying for all the details to come together and that there will be a beautiful rainbow on that day! :)

  5. Amazing news, Stacy...I just can't wait!!!!

  6. I wish I could be there to help! So happy that God is blessing you even in the "minor" details. :)



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