Friday, December 10, 2010

A Blogpost from Desirae (Rachel's big sister)

Isn't Rachel SO adorable?! I love her SO much.When she died Friday afternoon Dec.3rd 2010,I was SO upset.From then on every night,when I pray for her I suddenly remember she's dead.What a sad memory!But not spiritually.She's alive with God in heaven.But still,every night I cry at the remembrance of my own baby sister,gone with God in heaven.I wonder if I'll ever see her again.


  1. Sweet Desirae~ Rachel will forever live in your heart. You will always remember her and love her. We are praying for you wonderful big sister!

  2. To my favorite neice...
    You're a great big sister and Rachel is so lucky to have you as hers. We love you so much and are so glad that you are a part of our lives.
    Auntie, Jailyn, & Caleb :-)

  3. Dear Desirae,

    I have cried a river of tears since Rachel died.It is ok to be sad when someone you love goes to Heaven. Maybe you could write Rachel a letter and put it in Rachels memory box. Or maybe Mom & Dad could get you your own memory box for Rachel so you could share those things that only sisters share.

    I Love You Very Very Much, Nana

  4. My sweet Desirae,
    You are such a big girl. I'm very proud of you for writing this post. You are brave. I know what you mean about realizing suddenly that she's not with us anymore. But remember that she will always be in our hearts. Rachel was so blessed to have such an amazing big sister...You looked so proud holding her! And as long as you have faith in Christ's sacrifice for you, you will see Rachel again in heaven...Me, you and her will all be dancing together while we worship our Lord! It will feel like forever till we see her again. But until then, we have each other to dance with, and I'm SO thankful I have you!
    Love you sunshine,
    Love, Mama

  5. Desirae, such a loving sister. My heart goes out to you as I think of my children who have also lost their little sister. Thinking of you. *hugs*


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