Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Time to Grieve and a Time to Dance

One of the friends that the Lord has blessed me with through Rachel is Elisha.  Matt does auto glass, through Granite State Glass, for UPS where her dad works and Matt had told him about Rachel.  He sent his daughter my blog info and she has been one of my best supports through this journey.  I don't know her (technically - but I know her heart), but she has really loved me from a distance. (she lives in PA)  I have been so thankful for her care and compassion in my time of need.  I've mentioned before how people that "should" be there, haven't been, and that God has provided better friends than I thought I would ever have in the midst of my great trial... well, she is one of them - and technically a gift God gave me through my husband. :o)  He handed out cards to everyone with my blog info on it... put them EVERYWHERE for people to find... told everyone about his daughter.  Rachel would be proud of her Daddy - and he is proud of her.

So anyway, I got an email from Elisha the other day that brought a smile, along with tears...  when I was pregnant I had started reading the book of Ecclesiastes to Rachel.  I never finished it and I kinda regretted that.  I had no basis for picking that book, God just led me to it and when I got this email, it tied it together for me.  This is in her bible...she wrote Rachel's name to always remember her when she reads this verse.

This verse had never jumped out at me before.  I've read it many times, but obviously with a different reality, so when I wrote back I said...  "I know God uses all these details to remind me that He knows what's going on.  Rachel was a dancer...I'm sure she's dancing today." 

Elisha responded saying that she couldn't wait for me to get the gift that she had already sent me cause it fit into what we had been talking about.  God was definitely in the details.

Elisha's gift came yesterday...

A time to grieve and a time to dance...

This is my time to grieve... Rachel's time to dance.  I know I'll have my day for "dancing" and I know today isn't it.  I know that no amount of dancing on earth could bring the joy that dancing in heaven will... the thought of my girl twirling around with Jesus brings much comfort to my heart... one of the only things, other than Matt and my other children, that brings a smile to my face these days.  I felt her kicking and twirling for so long inside of me that I almost memorized her rhythm.  She was a dancer... I know she's dancing today.

I know you've seen this picture before, but this is at the funeral home... she's wearing her "love to twirl" outfit that she was buried in...  I miss her so much.  Can't wait to dance with her someday.


  1. Oooh - love the ornament!! I feel so behind on cute ones for Sammy, Rachel, Ella, and Amelia are totally winning that contest!

  2. Stacy -

    This just touched my heart SO much! We referred to our Karinne as our "little dancing girl" as well. Oh to dance with them in heaven!!

  3. What a perfect verse and ornament! Rachel is a very special little girl who touched many lives in her 43 minutes. God choose you to love her, carry her and share her story and His testimony of love.


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