Sunday, December 5, 2010

God's Love, My Love

I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.
Jeremiah 31:3

Look at those cheeks!  What am I going to do without her?


  1. I found your story the night before you went in to have baby Rachel. This story has touched my heart and the Faith you and your husband has. I could not stop telling people about Rachel. I am a christian and i know things that has happened to me in the past few years I have hardened my heart. I actuallyjust redicated my life to the Lord. After reading your story and waiting to see Rachel like I knew your family forever I felt like I was there with your family waiting for the ok to come see you and the baby. God does work in ways that we dont always understand he has put this so deep into my heart. I did go to church today with a differnt attitude. I am complaining about the little things when you and your family is going through a storm. I loved the story on the hope orniment that spokje volumes to me. The night i read this story and relized you were going in the next morning and the faith and hope you have had and still have all i could do is go into my room and pray and cry and talk to God. The next morning I woke to pray and pray and ever since I talk to God more than I ever had. Rachel is amazing and God made her perfect. Your whole family is in my heart forever

  2. Stacy,
    Let me start by saying Congratulations! She is so beautiful! I am so glad everything went so well for you and that you got time with Rachel. Thank you for sharing Rachel with us, I can't wait to see more pictures of her. How is Desiree doing? I have been thinking of her so much! I wish more than anything that I could be at Rachel's service. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending my love your way!

  3. Dear Stacy, dear family, in God!
    All the pictures on your blog, all the love living in every word, your faith, your life, your love and again your love - yes, they threngthen me and renew my faith and my prayer and praise!
    Praise the Lord all the time! Keep in praising Him. And stay in joy deep inside(fil 3!) also while crying and struggling and falling! For Him nothing is impossible!
    And be sure of it that through your deep and eternal love, which is so close to the one of God himself who gave His son for us!!!, you change the world, you did His will and you let His kingdom come with power!!!!!! Maranatha!
    Thank You and looking forward to meet you all in heaven,especially Rachel! ;-) God bless You!!!!!

  4. These pictures are so touching. I had tears in my eyes on the last one, she is beautiful!! *hugs* My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. She is so beautiful:) I cannot get over how much she looks like your other babies!!! Such a sweet, beautiful baby girl! We love you!!

  6. awwwww. yes, those cheeks. love.

  7. She is so precious! I can't get enough of the pictures. What a blessing to have such great photographs!

    -Amanda York

  8. Stacy, she is beautiful! I pray for you and your family daily

  9. I love these pictures. The first one of you and Rachel is so precious. <3

  10. Thank you so much for sharing these pics and for sharing your gorgeous Rachel off! She is so beautiful Stacy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you and her! She is so amazing and petite! I love everything about her. Love you xoxo B


  12. Your family's story and especially baby Rachel have brought me infinitely closer to God. God bless your amazing family and your incredible Godly attitudes. Thank you for sharing your story.

  13. Stacy, what a beautiful baby girl you have. I love the one of you with her. She is so tiny and perfect in every way. Her cheeks are so chubby and her hands in a heart shape....I love. I am praying still for God's comfort especially for you. I remember well the sadness that can feel so overwhelming at times. Keep remembering that God is your rock you can depend on and your family your "little rock". They seem amazing. Sending hugs and love to you.

  14. She is just perfect! I think my favorite part of her (aside from those adorable chubba-cheeks of course) is her little nose. So cute! And you look beautiful Mom! <3

  15. An amazing little angel, An amazing mom, Thank you for sharing your story. Happy Birthday Rachel

  16. Awwww
    I loved the pictures. Thank you for posting them here.
    What an amazing time you all must have had.
    I am sorry you have to live without her cheeks.
    BUT, hey, you'll see her again. I'm sure. When our Lord Jesus returns, the way He has promised He will, we will all live together again in His Kingdom. I truly believe that.
    I'm looking forward to seeing my grandmother, my uncle, my grandfather, and all the friends -old and young, that have left us too soon.

    Love, always,

  17. Yay for more pictures of your sweet girl! I'm not sure which one I love the most! She is so precious...

  18. Praise God for beautiful baby Rachel and for this family of God that we are apart of. We have been praying and lifting your fantastical family up, to our amazing Father...who is snuggling with your precious gift right now. You have been a beacon of light and an example of serious, FAITH. I have been completely humbled by your daily posts...throughout this heartbreaking experience. Rachel's 43 minutes could change many minds, in regards to abortion. 43 minutes, could change this world. Praying for your time of grieving and that the Lord will continue to fill you with joy. Please share an address of where we can send birthday cards for this beautiful little girl and her family. Thankyou for your dedication to this blog as well. You have touched thousands.

  19. Dear Aube Family, My daughter just recently delivered twins at 27 weeks and both girls were doing great one day God decided it was time for Mahkayla to come home to him we had her for ten wonderful days and we were able to take pictures and make memories with her. Her mother is only 19 and I truly feared she would not be able to cope with the loss of one of her girls. I know God used this sad time in her life to teach her she was way stronger than she thought she was. Her other daughter is doing well in the NICU she is 6 weeks old now and weighs 2 lbs 12 ounces still receiving oxygen and tube feeds but getting better every day. Your story and that of your daughter Rachel has touched my heart and made me think more and more about my relationship with God Your strength courage and faith are an inspiration to me and my family. I follow your blog daily thank you so much for sharing your story I believe God is using you and your family to bring others closer to Him. Rachel's 43 minutes of life will touch those of us that hear her story for the rest of our lives. She has done more to pull the world closer to God than any church , priest, or minister could hope to accomplish in 43 years I have a very touching poem I would like to email you if you would like to hear it my daughter found the strength to read it at Mahkaylas funeral service because she found it so comforting. My email address is i hope you email me so that i can pass it on to you i believe God led me to this poem so that my family would have some comfort in this time of grief. I hope you are recovering from Rachel's Birthday and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers if there is anything I can do for you pray listen anything please contact me.

    With unending love and prayers,
    Wencie Cheatham amd family

  20. Little Rachel is just so sweet. I am so sorry, you must miss her incredibly!!!!

    Today I spoke to a friend, who told me, that the life of Rachel touched her so much. (She reads your blog so that she can better understand, what path my sister will go with little Valentina, who will be born in January.)

    Rachel opened the heart of this friend and also my heart. Thank you, little Rachel.

    And Stacey, thank you for sharing!

    The Lord is your shepherd (and also mine. That is what I think in every minute, when faith and hope start leaving my heart.) The Lord loves you.

    As I am afraid not to find the right words, I write down, what my niece (she is 5 years old) said some weeks ago to her mother: "if our baby will die, it could be amazing, because we have our very own angel in Heaven."

    I know, you would love to have her in your arms. But: Rachel is your very, very own angel.

    Thinking of you.
    Auntie Lolo from Berlin, Germany

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I have laughed, cried and been encouraged right along with you ever since a friend shared your blog with me. Your baby Rachel has changed my life and I'm sure many others along the way. She was not a mistake, but a beautiful child made in the image of God and used for his purpose. I am sorry that you won't get to hold on to her a little longer. She is perfectly beautiful!

    I'll continue to pray that God holds you and your family in the palm of his hand. Thank you again for sharing your inspiring testimony!

    Sending hugs your way, Sara

  22. The verse above is one that I love and have on my blog. ♥

    And I love little Rachel's outfit :) My Carleigh had the same one!! It makes me smile to see her wearing it.

  23. I will be praying for you and your beautiful child. As a mother of four, I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Always know that God is there during every moment of heartache. Put your faith in Him at all times, no matter what the circumstances. God bless you, sister...and your family.


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