Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prayer Request for Rachel's Auntie

So, I'm feeling like a really bad sister for not posting this prayer request sooner... some of you know that my little sister...OK, she's almost 30 (yeah, that's right Meg...30) but she's still little to me.  Anyway, she has Crohn's Disease.  It has been really bad lately (technically for about 3 years, but who's counting) and she is in constant pain.  She is in the ER for the 2nd time in just over a week.  She is really sick and it never gets better.  She had an appt for an exam scheduled and it turned out to be the day of Rachel's service, so she canceled it. (and, of course, never told me about it)  Now she has to wait till the end of January.  Please pray for her healing...pray for the doctor's wisdom in her treatment...pray for her pain control...pray that God will give her endurance and energy for this never ending battle and that her Crohn's will go into remission.   thanks.  


  1. Added her to my prayer list! Praying for you all daily! Your children are all beautiful! I love their giggles! I miss when all of mine were that little. They are so full of joy and life! I pray that you continue to enjoy them fully in spite of your pain and loss!

  2. Sending a prayer your sister Megan's way. I believe she was behind me in the layaway line at Kmart right before xmas, I think it was her but not sure! Hope you are all doing well, as well as can be expected.

  3. That certainly was me... you forgot to bring a cart up with you, right?? Although, it is unreal to me that in the midst of my "late getting back from lunch break" impatience, exhausted, wearing scrubs and all, that someone would recognize me as "Rachel's Auntie". I am certainly more than proud and happy to be...


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