Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Thankful Update on Rachel's Playground!

We have received another $270 in donations this week towards Rachel's Playground!  According to my records, which I need to double check with the church, we are down to needing $7430!  And that is before we have asked for any donations for material!  People have been blessing us in Rachel's honor and it warms my heart.  Most of the people we received money from are people we don't even know.  It's unbelievable.

We are so grateful that our children are seeing the body of Christ carry us through this difficult season.  They are seeing first hand how God provides through His people and how important it is to have a church family.   Our kids are seeing you love us and consistently being here for us. Thank you for loving us, not just with words, but with deeds.  We are so humbled by your support.  We got an anonymous check today for $500... said it wasn't for the playground, just for "whatever we needed."  And believe me, we need it.  As the phone rang to tell us this,  we were looking into snow blowers cause ours was at the shop and the guy was saying it wasn't worth fixing.  I'm not sure we're at a place to buy a new snow blower, but maybe we can fix it up.   If you know anything about snow blowers, maybe we could use some input on this one! (size, price, place to go?)  My point in sharing about that check, was that we just can't believe how we are being taken care of by you all.  I got 5 different gifts today.  2 in the mail (from "strangers"/new friends from the blog, from different states!), one on my door, and 2 that a friend dropped by with. All in pretty girl wrapping paper :o)  Rachel would have loved it. :o)  Dixie left with our laundry again after watching our kids so we could go out for a while. 

I started this post as a "quick" update about the playground, but it's not a quick thing to list all the ways we are being helped...  Thank you from the bottom of my heart...  thank you.


  1. Dear Stacy, dear Matt, dear Desirae, dear Isaiah, dear Samuel!

    This morning after mass and in adoration I thought a lot of You. I do not know if You are catholic, but I know that You are so strong and big lovers and testimonies of Christians filled by the Holy Spirit!
    So I know You have the possibility of searching Him in adoration,
    Either in Himself in the Bread of Life, in Himself in His Word, in His Truth, in His Way, in His Life, in His Praise, in His Light, in His deep silence, in His Body you are experiencing in these days!!!.......
    This morning I thought, that searching Him and His Joy and Peace, Unifying Yourself with Him (and getting through and having time for it, more and more!) is what I wish You from my heart, because There is where Aube and Rachel are, there is where You can be so close to them, actually there is where You meet them, there is where You can interchange Your comforting love eachother – through His neverending love – nothing closer to us than this!!!
    Actually, that yet is what You are living, I think.
    Thank You for everything!

    Little joe...
    (I’m a cousin of ikomami, so little aunt of Valentina)

  2. excuse me: - little baby Aube in heaven!



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