Monday, December 27, 2010

I've Started my Book!

Well, as you have requested... I have officially started my book!  I sat down this morning, before my computer crapped out for the day (It just came back on, I'm assuming because it's STILL snowing!! - did I say I was thirsty?) and I started going through my blog posts from August.  I figure I'll use my posts as my outline.... wow, that was emotional.  The past 5 months have been almost unbearable.  The pain is indescribable. 

As I read some of my words, I was reminded of how much I have been through.  I was brought back to the times when I didn't know the pain of the losing Rachel... only the pain of waiting for the loss, and that was extremely hard too.  I am such a different person now that I almost feel like I'm reading someone else's words...if that makes any sense.  All I can say is it's been a tough road.

Just weeks after we found out Rachel had anencephaly, it was on my heart to eventually write a book.  Since then, I have been told hundreds of times by so many people that I should write a book...  well, there's only one way to do that... start.  So, I'm starting and am asking for your prayers as I do. 

Back at the beginning of my journey, I found great comfort in reading the stories of other people who have been there - people who understood me like nobody else.  My heart's desire for this book is that Rachel's Legacy will continue to help people, to bring healing, to bring hope.  Her short life has changed mine forever.  Her beauty and His strength have revived my soul day after day as I have walked this path set before me... and I want to tell the world.  I want everyone to know that my daughter was amazing and our God is my refuge.

My goal is to continue to share the gift of Rachel's life and what our great God is capable of - to let her light shine...  This has been my purpose since August 4th.  This is my calling as Rachel's Mama... I pray that I don't let her down.


  1. Dear Stacy,
    We don't know each other (and may never on this side of heaven) but I pray for you constantly and will be especially praying for your heart during this process. And I am POSITIVE that you are making Miss Rachel VERY VERY PROUD!


  2. This is such a blessed and wonderful journey you are undertaking in writing your book! Thank you for continuing to share your heart, your faith, your family and your beautiful Rachel with the world. She inspires more than you can ever know.


  3. I am positive that your book will be a great help to those who find themselves in similar circumstances as well as their encouragers looking for ways to help.

    Every journey begins with one step. Glad you took the first step.

    Love, Mom

  4. I think it is wonderful you are writing a book. I agree that reading stories really helped.

  5. Stacy,
    We continue to pray for you daily and will definitely be praying for you as you write this book. I am sure that it will be used in such a mighty way. The number of people it will touch, just like your blog, I am sure we won't know this side of heaven. God bless you as you continue on this journey. All our love and prayers....

  6. I so thrilled about the book. I just know that Rachel work here on earth isn't done and you are going to see to that with God's help. Please know that you all are in my prayers daily.


  7. We continue to pray for you and Matt and your sweet children as you dance with Rachel for the rest of your days - like learning to dance - it will be slow and halting at first and then some day, when the day breathes and the shadows flee, you too will twirl. May the process of writing her story be part of the dancing lessons !

  8. Stacy, there is an online publishing program. It is so easy and affordable. You should look into it.

    -Amanda York


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